Help Occupy Healthcare put a face on healthcare in America

Do you have a story about healthcare in America? Do you believe America deserves a better healthcare system? Have you had to choose between healthcare and survival?

If you’ve answered yes or know someone who would answer yes, Occupy Healthcare wants to hear from you. America wants to hear your story.

America needs to hear your story.

Tell us, tell America, tell the world about surviving in an American healthcare system. Your story will be seen by 1,000’s of people each month. Your message will be directed at our lawmakers in Congress. Your message has the opportunity to directly influence Congress. This is your chance to lobby Congress without needing millions of dollars. Your story and message will be used to exemplify and support other messages for healthcare change.

Your story is the most powerful policy change agent that exists.

We are asking for stories about your experience with healthcare in America. If you are without healthcare coverage, why are you and what do you do? How has living without healthcare affected you and your family? If you have coverage how has it changed over time? What are you doing different this year compared to three years ago? What would you like to see done differently in American healthcare? Just tell us your story.

We would like to receive either Word documents of approximately 500 to 750 words. If you want to you can include a picture of yourself or your family, please do. You can send a video of about 2 minutes in length. Whatever you submit, if approved by our editors, it will be posted. Your submission represents an agreement that you are choosing to self-disclose whatever information you provide.

Please email our team any and all stories and/or questions about this Occupy Healthcare initiative

Tell us, tell America, tell Congress your healthcare story. It can and will make a difference.

Today’s post by @Marksphone

Dr. Miller has his doctorate in clinical psychology and is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine where he is the Director of the Office of Integrated Healthcare Research and Policy. His core task is to integrate mental health across all three of the department’s core mission areas: clinical, education, and research. Opinions expressed here are his own and not those of his employer.

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  • NateOsit

    I plan on coming up with my story about working at hospital for 2+ years without health insurance. In hindsight, it was an utter disgrace… To be involved in healthcare, but not having access- I wonder how many other people are in the same boat?

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