Introducing “Our Stories”

Here at Occupy Healthcare we have always been about transformation. We know that creating the healthcare system the community deserves is obtainable, and we want to work collectively towards that system. Our team has spent considerable time discussing the importance of stories and their impact on healthcare policy; as we wrote about in a recent post:

Talking about stories is nothing new for this website. Some of us (providers) have even told our own story here on Occupy Healthcare:

Case Study #1: Dr. Foreman

Case Study #2: Dr. Ryan

Case Study #3: Dr. Becker-Schutte

I am happy to announce that through a collaborative relationship with the good folks over at Inspire, we are going to be offering patient stories on Occupy Healthcare. Under the “Our Stories” tab on the home page we will have patient stories about their experience in healthcare. While sometimes these stories will be stand alone; other times these stories will also be accompanied with a blog post that may tackle one of the problems raised in the story.

We are very excited about this new addition to the website. Being that today is our first patient story, head on over to “Our Stories” and read the story of a mom tell us about “Tuberous Sclerosis Complex: A Game of Chance.”

Keep checking back for more from this ongoing series. And many thanks to our new contributor Brian Loew and Inspire for their help!

Dr. Miller has his doctorate in clinical psychology and is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine where he is the Director of the Office of Integrated Healthcare Research and Policy. His core task is to integrate mental health across all three of the department’s core mission areas: clinical, education, and research. Opinions expressed here are his own and not those of his employer.

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  • pursuitofPH

    An incredible addition to #occupyhealthcare! Stories are powerful, and make the oftentimes abstract and theoretical things we talk about in healthcare and public health reform real and meaningful. Here is one of the most powerful examples I’ve seen on this front – Excited to experience the stories we’ll hear through this series, and look forward to the discussion – and importantly, the action – they are sure to inspire.

  • Mark Browne

    Ben, we are at our core a culture of story tellers. Sharing the stories, both positive and negative, of healthcare lends a necessary dimension to the discussion. Stories provide more than just a new point of view, they allow a place for others to connect and share as well. I’m looking forward to reading the stories as well as watching the tapestry unfold.


    • Ben Miller

      Beautifully written, Mark. Thank you. I could not agree more.

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