What we are about: Occupy Healthcare

A little over one year ago, this website was started in an attempt to become a “location where the community can come to discuss healthcare.” We wanted a “place where meaningful healthcare issues can be raised and worked on together.” We started off with a few devoted leaders following our respective passions to transform healthcare. We came from different parts of the healthcare system. We all saw some of the same problems.

Up until October 4, 2011, we had never come together to share our passion for healthcare policy and change.

When OccupyHealthcare.net went live, we had modest expectations. Of course there were the hopes that the information on the website would be useful for those interested, but aside from that, we never really thought beyond getting the larger community on the same page about some of the problems in healthcare and some of the possible solutions.

Along the way, our community here at OH made some new friends.

We partnered with the Health and Justice project to have patient stories put alongside policy discussions. There were several of these posts on the website, but you can see an example of one here.

We also started a partnership with Inspire, where patient stories took the center stage. These stories have been some of the most widely read posts on all of OH. You can read the posts here.

Over the last year, healthcare has made some pretty impressive changes. OH has been a place for our community to come and discuss these changes. OH has been a place where those interested in learning more about healthcare can come and dialogue.

We have talked about how to create a community contagion for change;

We have created principles for the OH movement;

We have described the importance of knowledge in changing health and healthcare; and,

We have worked to add salient and timely information to help inform the national dialogue on healthcare.

Have we been successful in helping educate the public? Have we made an impact on healthcare beyond some media attention?

What is great about OH is that when you unpack this website, its posts, and the stories, you find brilliant and passionate leaders in healthcare. Each of these leaders in their own right is making a difference every day in healthcare. From the beginning, we wanted to unite voices in one place and start to demand more from our healthcare system. We all wanted change, and many of us have achieved some level of change in our professional lives. We wanted to work towards a system that truly put the patient first!

OH continues to be a home of sorts. A home where we can all come to learn more about some aspect of healthcare that we not know a lot about. A home where we can dialogue and share.

Where will this website and this team of leaders be in another year? Hopefully we will all be continuing to work as hard as we can to change healthcare. Hopefully we will all continue to see OH as a place that is about the community and the larger good (and not just a place to promote ourselves and our own opinions) as we all work to transform healthcare.

Until we have created the patient-centered healthcare system that we all deserve, let this website continue to be a place for good information on healthcare and healthcare policy. We have made progress!


Dr. Miller has his doctorate in clinical psychology and is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine where he is the Director of the Office of Integrated Healthcare Research and Policy. His core task is to integrate mental health across all three of the department’s core mission areas: clinical, education, and research. Opinions expressed here are his own and not those of his employer.

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  • http://twitter.com/crgonzalez Carmen Gonzalez

    Built upon solid principles and advanced with true collaborative spirit, I find that OH has helped to shine a light on best practices, foster awareness of legislative and practical models supporting health and access, while creating a welcome place for like-minded individuals. Thank you for your leadership, Ben, in seeing what we all wanted to create, but didn’t exactly know where to start.