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Five things healthcare leaders can do right now

Transforming the U.S. healthcare system may seem like a daunting task; however, there are steps that can be taken now that can help further change and transformation. Here are five things healthcare leaders and organizations can do right now: 1.

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It was Professor Plum in the observatory

In healthcare, sometimes we look for someone to blame. This is not uncommon. Blame happens in all walks of life. The assignment of “fault” to another individual; the need to point a finger. Whose fault is it that healthcare is

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Moving pictures: Healthcare and “data viz”

My older brother got all of the drawing talent. I remember watching him – when I wasn’t being shooed out of his room – occasionally glance down at his Topps football card of Lynn Swann and gradually turn a blank

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There is something wrong

I got an email yesterday. A patient needed to cancel their session, and delay therapy indefinitely. Not because they don’t believe that they are benefiting from therapy. Not because they don’t need an additional layer of support. But because this

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Help Occupy Healthcare put a face on healthcare in America

Do you have a story about healthcare in America? Do you believe America deserves a better healthcare system? Have you had to choose between healthcare and survival? If you’ve answered yes or know someone who would answer yes, Occupy Healthcare

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Knowing is half the battle

They say knowledge is not indicative of change. Anyone who has tried to work on changing their own health behavior or worked with someone trying to help them change their health behavior knows this. We know what is good for

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Answer the call to save graduate medical education!

At this moment, Congress is considering steep cuts to graduate medical education (GME) programs in the interest of balancing the budget.  This is a classic short term answer: cutting funding to graduate medical education will reduce the number of physicians

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