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#HCSM review: Who’s missing in HCSM?

I was surprised when I was asked last week to be the host of this week’s Health Care Social Media Review. I do technically have a blog, but I’m much bigger on guest posting than I am on maintaining my

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The Clementi case and the desperate need for a criminal justice paradigm shift

Violence is a critical public health issue and one that contributes to an astounding number of years of life lost, with homicide and suicide among the top 5 causes of death for those aged 1-44. Yet our response to violence

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A better healthcare system for humanity

For one to be a revolutionary doctor or to be a revolutionary at all, there must first be a revolution. Isolated individual endeavour, for all its purity of ideals, is of no use, and the desire to sacrifice an entire

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The fatal flaw in American healthcare

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” In discussions of the healthcare system we have in the U.S., much of the talk is centered around the idea that the system is broken. The

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