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About Us

OccupyHealthCare is one of the most popular online healthcare portals with almost twenty years of history. We publish news from the world of medicine and health care, the latest discoveries, popular science materials.

OccupyHealthCare is now a leading medical project for patients, a place where the community can come to discuss healthcare issues.

The editorial staff of the project adheres to the position of evidence-based medicine and carefully monitors the accuracy and safety of content for patients.

Our mission

The mission of OccupyHealthCare is to convey to users the most complete information about medicine, diseases and modern treatment in a simple and understandable form, but at the same time based on the principles of evidence-based medicine and reliable, verified sources that are available to the scientific community. This is an educational resource, which is designed to give the patient the most complete and understandable idea of ​​his/her disease, to help prevent the disease or to choose the most effective approaches to treatment.

We want to provide patients with all the necessary information and services on one site so that they can comfortably and quickly receive the necessary assistance. At the same time, the quality of the information provided must be at the highest level, which is very important for us. Professional medical journalists and doctors work on materials, and we turn to the best specialists in their field for comments. OccupyHealthCare differs from other resources about medicine in that this site has a reputation and an extensive medical encyclopedia, which is trusted not only by patients but also by doctors.

We have managed to assemble a first-class medical editorial staff to create various materials, both large informative medical articles, as well as daily updated news, interviews and popular articles on medicine and health.

Disclaimer: The information on this site is not a guide to self-medication and is presented for personal information only. The site team strongly recommends contacting a medical specialist if you suspect any disease.

The audience of OccupyHealthCare has 3 million unique users per month. These are people looking for information about symptoms, recent and chronic patients, their relatives, people with an interest in the topic of health, as well as students and doctors of all ages.