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There is hardly a person who would not like to be healthy, would not want to always feel great and be full of energy. But for some reason, often the desire to have a healthy body is fundamentally at odds with what people do for this, or rather, do not. In other words, health is a resource that we spend every day. without replenishing the stock. With age, certain diseases appear, the state of health begins to leave much to be desired. Therefore, no matter what initial data nature has endowed us with, this resource cannot be thoughtlessly squandered.

Our body requires a careful attitude towards itself. And, first of all, this can be ensured by leading a healthy lifestyle. This concept is very broad and includes a lot of points.

First of all, it is a balanced diet – our body needs a source of energy, but not all food is good for it. A properly selected diet supplies the body with everything it needs, which ensures a normal metabolism.

Of course, although nutrition is an extremely important item, it alone is not enough. Adequate physical activity is also required. Walking, sports, morning exercises – all this allows you to keep your body in great shape, gives you vigor and energy. Physical inactivity leads to a host of problems.

The next point is hygiene. Compliance with at least basic hygiene rules is a prerequisite for health. Public transport handrails, money, these are the things that we, like thousands of other people, touch every day, which means that you need to wash your hands after them. Of course, you shouldn’t be fanatic about cleanliness, but healthy hygiene is essential for health.

Harmful addictions. All people know how negatively they affect health, but many do not refuse them. At the same time, if you quit smoking and drinking alcohol, you can see how your well-being improves.

Also, it is worth talking about how important it is to avoid stress, to consult a doctor in a timely manner. Self-control is also important, which today is not difficult to exercise (for example, you can purchase a tonometer for these purposes).

25 reasons why it is important to live a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s divide the list of reasons that should make you think about your health into 4 blocks: harmful addictions, proper nutrition, sports, medicine.

So, you need to get rid of HARMFUL DEPENDENCIES in order to:

  • Live Long. We put this item in the first place because good health ensures longevity. You need to live a long time in order to do a lot, see and learn a lot. If there was an opportunity to ask Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Whitney Houston, would they like to see their grandchildren, the answer would be unanimous.
  • Do not inflict psychological trauma on yourself.
  • Build a good career. Each of us knows the story of how a strong and successful person, addicted to alcohol or drugs, ended his life “at the bottom”. In addition, many well-known companies employ exclusively people without harmful addictions.
  • Enjoy life.
  • Be beautiful. Nobody wants to be afraid of their reflection in the mirror one day. Yellow teeth and dry skin from smoking, beer belly, cellulite in women from strong alcohol and low physical activity – these are the consequences of harmful addictions.
  • Have healthy children.
  • Be wealthy. If you calculate how much money you can save without buying cigarettes and alcohol, you can be very surprised. It would be enough for subscriptions to a fitness club, for exciting trips, and for massage sessions.
  • Have a worthy life partner. If you want to successfully marry or get married, a healthy lifestyle will be a great help for creating a family.

CORRECT DIET. It is necessary to eat right in order to:

  • Be healthy. All drivers know perfectly well how important it is to fill the car with a high-quality gasoline. The same with the human body. Do not want to “break down” and “be on the move” for a long time – eat only healthy food that heals, not cripples.
  • Have a toned figure even in adulthood.
  • Protect yourself from cancer. Carcinogenic food is usually delicious, but is the moment’s pleasure worth your life?
  • Be energetic and not get tired for a long time. Our body spends a lot of energy digesting heavy foods. Fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts give us strength for the whole day.
  • Ensure the health and long life of your family. You can become an example and inspiration for your parents, children of spouses. If you teach your family to eat right and tasty, you will provide them with an energetic, healthy life.

SPORT. Leading an active lifestyle is necessary in order to:

  • Improve the quality of life. A sporty, fit person does a lot and people like it, which helps a lot in interpersonal communication.
  • Like yourself.
  • Be able to protect yourself physically and help others.
  • Qualitatively expand the circle of communication.
  • Meet old age with a smile on your face and spend it actively.

MEDICINE. Not being afraid to go to doctors is necessary in order to:

  • Not to spend the best part of life fighting a disease that could have been stopped at the beginning of its development.
  • Do not ruin your health by self-medication.
  • Discover new high-quality professional treatment methods that will help solve long-standing health problems.
  • Do not endanger the lives of loved ones. Sometimes you can be a carrier of a disease that will not harm you but can become fatal for a loved one.
  • Avoid the limitations of your abilities. For example, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the population. An unexpected stroke can make a person disabled even at a young age.
  • Protect yourself in advance from diseases that are transmitted by genes from parents.
  • Learn to love yourself.

Everyone has the right to choose a life that makes him or her happy. There is nothing more pleasant than spending a long life in a beautiful body, in a good mood, enjoying every minute, raising healthy children, and then meeting old age in a cheerful spirit and without regrets about the path traveled.

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