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My Canadian Pharmacy is a certified Canadian pharmacy selling medications for various conditions. Now you do not need to leave the house to buy the necessary medicines. Instead, you can purchase everything you need online!

online pharmacy

Every month we serve more than 270,000 customers. You can choose products on the site and buy them online. We offer a range of more than 5000 items. Our website also contains recommendations for the use of medicines.

Using our search bar, you can find the right Canadian meds in the shortest possible time. Our consultants can always help you and order medicines that are temporarily out of stock.

Rich assortment

For many years, we are engaged in selling brand-name and generic drugs. Today, our ever-expanding range includes more than 50,000 drugs, including rare and expensive pharmaceutical products. Here you can buy drugs used in oncology, endocrinology, gynecology, cardiology, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, as well as products for patient care and many others. Search for the necessary drugs using the following categories: Men’s Health, Pain Relief, Antibiotics, Women’s Health, Antidepressants, Mental Health/Epilepsy, Anxiety/Sleep Aid, Blood Pressure/Heart, Anti-allergic/Asthma, Cholesterol, Weight Loss, Skin Care, Eye Care, Stomach, Antidiabetic, Antiviral, Cancer, Stop Smoking, General Health.

Low prices

Prices in our online drug store are lower than in your local pharmacies because we source drugs from large distributors in large quantities. Accordingly, they give us big discounts, and we, in turn, can set low prices for our customers. Apart from well-known original drugs, we offer their cheap counterparts (generics). The composition of generic drugs is almost identical to brand medicines. The generic has the same active ingredient, strength, and mode of application. However, the generic product may differ in form, shape, color and inactive substances. These differences are not relevant and do not affect the course of treatment. It is proven that the generic drug is just as effective as the original, so it makes sense to buy a cheaper version in the best Canadian pharmacy and save money. Everyone can afford to buy medicines from our website. Bear in mind that we offer periodic discounts, special prices, promo codes and coupon codes. Accordingly, it is possible to make the price even more affordable.

Quality control

When choosing a pharmacy, the important point is the quality of the pharmaceutical products presented in the catalog of medicines. It directly depends on the suppliers of medications. If the goods are purchased from verified sellers with appropriate licenses, you can be sure that the medicines are not prohibited for sale, not overdue, and meet international standards.

Who supplies drugs to our pharmacy?

Paying particular attention to the quality of the goods, our company cooperates with reliable suppliers only. They all have a valid license for the wholesale trade in medicines. Quality control of medicines is provided by contracts between our company and suppliers of goods.

Agreement between our pharmacy and drug supplier is based on the following:

  • The supplier of drugs and the pharmacy are operating according to statutory requirements in the pharmaceutical industry;
  • The quality system developed and implemented with the supplier of the goods is constantly being improved, new measures are being taken to preserve the reliability of medicines;
  • The supplier must adhere to proper conditions for storage and transportation of medicines and other pharmaceutical products (temperature, light, humidity and other environmental indicators must comply with manufacturers’ instructions);
  • The pharmacy has the necessary equipment for the preservation of drugs and medical products, temperature control;
  • Temperature control is constantly monitored in the pharmacy warehouse, during the transportation of goods from the manufacturing plant to the warehouse, and from the warehouse to the customer’s address;
  • We may request information on the results of monitoring temperature storage and transportation of medicines from the quality control and quality assurance department. In this case, the representative of the supplier provides certified copies of temperature monitoring protocols within 2 days.

These activities help to ensure the storage and delivery of pharmaceutical products in the conditions specified by the manufacturer.

Unique and rare drugs

We constantly monitor new products that appear on the international market, and we try to ensure that all the latest developments are always available to the buyer. On our site, you have the opportunity to order rare and unique drugs that have passed clinical studies, such as Viagra Professional, Viagra Super Force, Cialis Super Active +, Pink Female Viagra, Kamagra Gold, and many others.

Broad specialization

Partnership with leading global pharmaceutical corporations, as well as customer-oriented management policies allow us to set the optimal prices for rare, popular and inaccessible drugs for the treatment of cancer, infectious and endocrine diseases.

Fast worldwide shipping

Often, a sick person needs to visit a pharmacy (or even more than one) himself to buy medicine. What kind of bed rest and peace? But this is not a mandatory scenario. On our website, you can read additional information about your illness, choose a drug and order home delivery. We understand how important it is to have the right medicine at the time, so we try to work individually with each client – to deliver the necessary medicines in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost. In many cities, delivery most often occurs the very next day! We ship drugs to almost all countries, including Indonesia and Australia. You will be surprised that there is no increased fee for remote distances – all the buyers are equal and we provide an excellent service for clients all over the globe! You can choose shipping via Airmail service ($10.00) or trackable service ($30.00). We have a Delivery Guarantee, which means that if your package is damaged during delivery or some items are missing, we will either resend your medications or refund your payment. Pay attention to the fact that many medications come with a pleasant bonus which is free! Besides, all our customers get a 10% discount for all next orders. We try to be better every day – we are looking for new ways to help our clients live a healthy and full life! We will be happy if you enjoy working with us! Packaging of goods does not cause censures and is carried out very carefully, the damage is almost excluded.

Easy and confidential

The search on our website is simple and convenient. We have drugs with the same active substance but different manufacturers. Each product has a description and you can compare prices, composition, mechanism of action without leaving home. Besides, you can use our prescription refills service, which saves your time! For your convenience, you can pay for your order online – we accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB, Diners Club, Discover and E-Checks. If you are embarrassed to buy any product in the city pharmacies, the purchase via My Canadian Pharmacy is the best option since we guarantee the confidentiality of all orders.


We are closer than you think – our pharmacists are always ready to advise you on the availability of drugs in a convenient place for you. We are always open to dialogue with our customers. So if you have questions, wishes and suggestions for our work, you can always send them to us!

Visit our reliable online pharmacy and ensure that buying prescription drugs from Canada is simple and convenient!

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