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The Quantified State

While the throngs of zombies, ninjas and superheroes awaited Halloween with baited breath, the health policy wonks of Colorado awaited the following morning for the release of something just as sweet… the Colorado All Payer Claims Database. The release of

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You can’t square a circle: Healthcare and the economy

Healthcare and the economy are inextricably linked. Simply put, by taking care of healthcare we can positively impact the economy (and vice versa). But yet despite these being inseparable, we sometimes fall guilty of separating out healthcare and the economy

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Are we good stewards of healthcare?

Are we good stewards of healthcare? How well do we manage our healthcare resources? In the latest report from the Institute of Medicine, the issue of waste in healthcare was highlighted. The report, entitled “Best Care at Lower Cost: The Path

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Healthcare affordability, please

In a recent poll conducted by Harvard School of Public Health, 14% of sick adults in Massachusetts were unable to get the healthcare they needed in the past year. Further, “more than 7 in 10 of those who said they

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How big a problem is healthcare?

A recent write up in California Healthline speaks to the amount of waste in the healthcare system and how this is a significant driver of cost. They suggest that: “1) Our health system is wasteful. 2) We must do more

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