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My take on healthcare: Wayne Caswell

Many of you who follow this site know that call to action was sent out by Dr. Mark Ryan. Essentially, Dr. Ryan asked readers of OH to share some of their ideas about healthcare and health reform. Below is one

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Decisions, decisions, decisions

Some of us may take it for granted that we have health insurance. Having a consistent peace of mind that comes with knowing no matter how sick we are we have some form of coverage that assures that not all

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The challenge of health insurance

Navigating healthcare is a challenging proposition. When one considers the often necessary role of health insurance in accessing healthcare, it becomes increasingly complicated and challenging. From previous studies, like those done by the Rand Corp. in the 1970s, we know

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The role of income in healthcare coverage

A new report released today from the Commonwealth Fund highlights how those who are earning less than 133 percent of the federal poverty level were uninsured for significant chunks of time in 2011. While reports like this are helpful in

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How well do you know Grand Junction, Colorado?

Grand Junction, Colorado has important lessons to teach the country about healthcare. These lessons have very real and practical implications for any redesign of healthcare. In fact, some may say that many of the answers to the unanswerable question of

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New to health insurance? Why Occupy Healthcare is critical to you

Are you a young adult who just received health insurance, or not? This past year 900,000 more young adults like you were added to health insurance policies. Most of this was due to the Affordable Care Act allowing people

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