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Medicaid, Mortality, and Massachusetts

In a recent study out of Harvard, researchers found that when Medicaid is expanded, and more people are covered, fewer people die. This is a good thing, right? As has been discussed many times on this website, health insurance is

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If it is a problem, why don’t you have a solution?

Just about three weeks ago, the Supreme Court ruled that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) was constitutional in its requirement that all Americans have health insurance.  However, the court also decided that the ACA’s expansion of Medicaid

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Taking advantage of Medicaid to make a political point

It’s no surprise that politics are being played with Medicaid. As we have discussed before, there is a history of playing politics with Medicaid. This is nothing new; however, subsequent to the Supreme Court Decision last week, we are about

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The challenge of health insurance

Navigating healthcare is a challenging proposition. When one considers the often necessary role of health insurance in accessing healthcare, it becomes increasingly complicated and challenging. From previous studies, like those done by the Rand Corp. in the 1970s, we know

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Your Affordable Care Act Toolkit: Preparing for the Assault

As my esteemed colleagues have written on this topic about what was passed and what lies ahead (see Ben Miller’s post and Mark Ryan’s post), there remains a need describe what to do. Below, I have indicated the likely scenario

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Healthcare policy, politics, and Medicaid

Medicaid has a critically important role within the expansion of healthcare as spelled out in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). However, as a state run health program, Medicaid is often used as a political tool. It is

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