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It just doesn’t add up: Saving premature babies only to risk their health later

By Deb Discenza Each of us knows someone that had a preemie and a tale to tell about the roller-coaster of the early birth.  The stories often liken preemies to warriors and fighters as they struggle to live against all

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The primary care love affair

Here at Occupy Healthcare we spend a great deal of time talking about primary care. There are many reasons for this, but the main reason is that primary care is the largest platform of healthcare delivery in the country. When

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The Clementi case and the desperate need for a criminal justice paradigm shift

Violence is a critical public health issue and one that contributes to an astounding number of years of life lost, with homicide and suicide among the top 5 causes of death for those aged 1-44. Yet our response to violence

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The black hole known as the emergency room

Spend enough time in healthcare circles and you will find that folks talk a lot about the “ER”. Yes, the emergency room, one of the most costly places to receive healthcare services in the entire US healthcare system. From the

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National Public Health Week April 2-8, 2012: A Healthier America Begins TODAY. Join the Movement!

National Public Health Week kicks off today! Let’s start with the basics: what is public health? Ultimately, public health is about prevention at the population level. As the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s motto so fittingly states, public

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Place matters: A look at urban planning and its impact on health

An op-ed in the New York Times last week described the United States’ disproportionate spending on healthcare in comparison to other social services that have an impact on health – a characteristic that puts us in the minority, as one

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Why we need to Occupy Healthcare now

The CEO of WellPoint, the second largest health insurer in the US explained why so eloquently in a quote from a 2008 quarterly earnings update. “We will not sacrifice profitability for membership.” An example of a dutiful employee fulfilling her

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