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A history of reform: Political pundits or patients?

Attempts to change healthcare are not new to this day and age. It just takes a minute to see where the trends emerge throughout our history as our country has tried to work on healthcare. For an exhaustive timeline of

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Occupy Healthcare is not for sale

Every so often, we at Occupy Healthcare receive an email asking us for a guest post spot. Sometimes these posts are great, but all too often they see the Occupy movement as an opportunity to hawk their wares, promote their

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A new payment model? The push for single payer state by state

In case you haven’t been keeping track, the movement for single-payer health coverage has been characterized by a series of close encounters with success, only to be trumped by the narrowest margins of failing political will. The most recent debacle

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Improved Medicare For All Is Within Reach for the Golden State

California Senate Bill 810 (Improved Medicare for All) would create a single-payer health care system in the state of California.[1] On January 19th, the California Senate Appropriations Committee approved this bill, meaning it now goes to the full Senate for

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Healthcare and revolution – Who’s afraid of Cuba?

I’m tired of hearing about the next new revolutionary drug that’s going to change the face of medicine. I’m tired of hearing about how the iPad is going to revolutionize healthcare. I’m tired of hearing about the social media revolution

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